Is it possible to win in TNPSC Group-4? – Guide for Examination


Here’s a call. Are you ready to accept government Job?

The Group-4 examination to be conducted by Tamilnadu Government Employee Recruitment (TNPSC) is a good opportunity for Tamil youth. Around 10,000 jobs will be filled with a group-4 examination every year.
All we have to do is for the next few days, well-plan and ready to prepare ourselves.
Group 4 exams, how do we prepare ourselves? First, is this possible? Hopefully, this is possible. OK. What to do…? Where to start? A basic need to understand. Group-4 is not just a choice; Even if there is no competition for government work, the place we have to start with school studies. The degree may be completed and kept on top of it and putting academic qualifications in line. However, if you want to join a good stable government work, you must have a deep knowledge of school subjects.

Therefore, this is the most important way to keep in touch with us:

1. Ready for Early Preparation:

Read all the lessons from the first class to the tenth grade. Remember. The above said, not the advice. It is Instruction. Do you want to read from the sixth grade? Why not study from class 1? The question is good. But, if the question comes from the first class we can not answer properly.

See this question …

What are you saying in Tamil? ‘Pilirutal’.

How many people are remembering this word? In the last year’s Group-4 examination, this question has been posted. Do you remember the first class lesson when you forget the 10th-grade lesson? Even if it does not know? There is nothing to know; Let’s not remember. That’s what it says.

That’s right. What difficulty is there in reading the lessons from the first grade to the fifth grade?

We can not afford any concessions, because when you prepare for competition, such a mood should not come.

‘Until the end, all you have to study’ This mood will ensure success in the competitive exam. How much do you read? That’s good for us too. What does it look like? With regard to competitive examinations, no information can be put on “no need”.

2. The group-4 selection consists of two parts.

1. Language.

2. General Paper. (General Studies)

Until a few years ago, the general knowledge (GK) was there. The name is currently changing. According to its shape, the input has changed. 100 questions separately in two parts; A total of 200 questions. 1.5 marks for each. There are about 300 marks. The wrong answer is ‘penalty’ or ‘minus’ marks. This means that if you know or not, all the questions should be done by a tick. Maybe, if you do not know the correct answer, you will get the full marks!

So the next step is to know whether you know the answer or not, all 200 questions need to be given an answer.

Basic Course Knowledge; Even a little common sense is enough to clear this exam.

How easy is it now? But all the questions are not easy. Let’s look at other types of questions. 10 questions daily. Answer the sample exam questions. This is a way to get ready for Group 1,2,3 & 4 exams and how to answer it.

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